*Average weight loss on the Optimal Weight 5 & 1 Plan® is 12 pounds. Clients are in weight loss, on average, for 12 weeks.

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Short, Fat, and Fifty. That's how I described myself. Ok, so I'm not 50, I'm 59, and I'm no longer fat since losing 50 pounds, but I'm still short. I never had a weight problem throughout my childhood and young adult life. Then I turned 40. It was downhill from then or more likely uphill (on the scale). I probably put on about three-five pounds a year and by the time I was 55 I was 45 pounds overweight.I wasn't on any medications for high blood pressure or high cholesterol but my numbers were escalating. Add in slowing down metabolism, peri and post menopause losing weight felt impossible. Although I have a Masters degree in Public Health and am well informed on good nutrition nothing I did worked. I resigned myself to being a very short, fat middle-aged woman because telling myself that I wasn't really overweight but rather too short for my weight wasn't working. Just when I had given up any hope of a more slender me, my cousin Susie called me and told me about a program she had started.She knew how I had been struggling with my weight and my poor self image. I avoided mirrors at every turn and when I did look I never lingered. She thought it would be fun to do it together and she would be my health coach. Five months later and 50 pounds lighter I'm a believer. It was easy and fun and made me examine my eating habits. I came to realize that my downfall was picking while cooking and noshing throughout the day. I have changed my behavior and have stayed at my goal weight.Losing weight and getting healthy was easy and fun. Have I lost my mind along with the 50 pounds? No,I had a great health coach who taught me the habits of health which included eating 6 small meal times a day.It has changed my life so immensely that I too have become a health coach and I am now helping others. I'm still short but no longer fat. I wear a size four-six petite. I feel great, I linger at the mirror and I'm okay with being short.

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